Paul Lamb grew up on the streets of Detroit immersed in its musical experience: the blues, the funk, the rock, and of course, the soul. Paul and his band The Detroit Breakdown are a perfectly unique by-product of Detroit’s musical pulse.

Paul began playing guitar in the sweat-soaked clubs of the downtown scene, cutting his teeth in R&B and Rock Bands.  Influenced by some of Detroit’s musical icons such as Bob Seger, Stevie Wonder, and, George Clinton, as well as outside influences like Jimi Hendrix and Johnny Winter, he began to develop his signature whiskey throttled voice and riff minded guitar. “There is no music school like the stage,” he says.   “I learned the discipline of playing in the pocket and the freedom to express myself without rule, and most importantly how to craft a song.”

Evolving from those greasy local jukes to headlining his own World Tours, Paul and The Detroit Breakdown have shared stages with such greats as Walter Trout, Peter Green, and performed at countless European Festivals, highlighted by appearances at Glastonbury.

They have garnered a reputation of working the audience into a Funk-Rock, roof raising frenzy and then delivering a heart melting, soul seizing blues ballad, revealing compassion and relentless honesty.

Labeling the legendary Rustbelt Studio their home base, the band has finished their seventh studio album “Fly In4mation.” Recorded by producer Al Sutton (Kid Rock, Greta Van Fleet), Paul says, “It’s really a live studio album. We all got in one room and let the two-inch tape machine roll. It’s raw energy at its apex and we can’t wait to take it on the road in 2019!”

Paul Andrew Ulysses Lamb:
Lead Guitar, Vocals, Songwriter

James Shelton:
Keyboard, Back Up Vocals

Aisha Ellis:
Percussion, Back Up Vocals

William Pope:
Bass Guitar, Back Up Vocals


Affectionately known in the Detroit Music world as ”Jayshell”, James was convinced at an early age to explore music.  Having very little formal training, he began playing the piano at the age of 12.  Growing up in the Motor-City gave him plenty of musical influence, but he is keen to point out that everything he listens to directs his musical development in some way.  However, he would certainly include Marvin Winans, Steven Ford, Quincy Jones, Mint Condition and Stevie Wonder as his biggest influences.

AISHA ELLIS: Drums/Percussion

Aisha “Time Keepa” Ellis is a drummer/percussionist and choreographer.  As a native Detroiter and seasoned musician, she comes with a diverse background in multiple genres of music; R&B/Soul, Hip=Hop, Jazz & Blues, Funk, Rock and world music such as Reggae and Afro- Cuban.


William is one of the most dynamic, most dramatic, most inspiring Bass players in Detroit.  His love for music began at age 9 when he heard the “Theme from Shaft” and he was immediately fascinated with the bass line and he bought his first bass.  He energizes a stage like no other Detroit Bassist.

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